The project comprises the following Work packages and activities: 

WP1. Preparatory WP: 

  • Training on Bologna process, 
  • Analysis of the survey of stakeholders, 
  • Analysis of the content of international educational programmes.

WP2. Development of master programme: 

  • Elaboration of qualification frameworks and development of the curriculum for the Master programme, 
  • Approval of the developed curriculum, 
  • Development of courses of the curriculum. 

WP3: Establishment of Computing Centres: 

  • Establishment of Computing Centres, purchasing the hardware and software packages,
  • Development of common platform among established Computing Centres,
  • Maintaining created platform.

WP4: Training activities: 

  • English classes for academic staff of Master programme for 6 months, 
  • Training on using the engineering software tools (MATLAB, COMSOL),
  • Retraining of the academic staff. 

WP5: Dissemination & exploitation: 

  • Accreditation of the Master programme, 
  • Introduction of the Master programme to other institutions, 
  • Promotion by local mass media, 
  • Organizing info days,
  • Web site.

WP6: Development: 

  • Student enrollment, 
  • Develivering video lectures, 
  • Development of professional networks,
  • Organizing student internships. 

WP7: Quality assurance and monitoring

  • Quality control and monitoring on developed Master programme,
  • Evaluation of the Master programme by external experts, 
  • Reporting. 

WP8: Project management