Bukhara Engineering - Technological Institute, BETI


Bukhara technological institute of food and light industry was renamed as Bukhara engineering-technical institute of high technologies according to the Order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan №1533. on May 20, 2011. After two years according to the Order of the Republic of Uzbekistan №1954 on April 15, 2013 Bukhara Engineering-technological institute was founded:

There are following faculties in institute:

  • Technology of oil and gas industry
  • Engineering-construction
  • Food and chemical technology
  • Light industry
  • Power engineering and   information- communication technologies in production

Main objective of activity of institute is training of highly skilled experts in system of bachelor and master degree for branches and manufactures of mechanical engineering, power engineering, electrotechnical, light, chemical and petrochemical industry

17 departments are preparing engineering personnel on 22 specialties of bachelor degree and 8 master degree.

There are 5765 students in the institute, among which 5645 bachelor and 120 master degree students.. 384 teachers work at the institute, 10 of them are doctors of science, professors, and 144 of them are candidates of science, docents.

At the Institute are carried out many state and international projects, particularly in frame of “Tempus”, “Erasmus+” programs and Volkswagen fund. On the basis of International scientific-research programs, state scientific-technical, basic, economical agreements and the individual work plans of professor-teachers are carried out scientific- research works in twelve directions.

 Our institute pays a great attention to the cooperation with foreign higher educational institutions. Nowadays our institute has the cooperation with the institutions and scientific – research centers of Russian Federation, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Great Britain, Austria, India, China, Bulgaria, Belorussia and Kazakhstan. Our institute signed cooperation agreements and memorandums with 15 of higher institutions of these countries.

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