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University of Primorska (Univerza na Primorskem/Università del Litorale) is a public educational institution that was established in the Republic of Slovenia in 2003. It has a short history, but it does not lack the determination to grow and strive for excellence. The university is located in Slovenia’s coastal region, between the borders of Italy and Croatia in an officially bilingual region (Slovene, Italian) and Slovenia’s most ethnically and culturally diverse region.

The University of Primorska has 11 members - 7 faculties, 2 research institutes, Student Residences and University Library. Two associate members joined the university as well (Faculty of Design Ljubljana and Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital).

The University offers a rich variety of academic and scientific disciplines. These include Humanities and Arts (History, Cultural Heritage, Slovene Language, Italian Language, Translation, Media studies), Educational Sciences and Teacher Education, Social Sciences (Anthropology, Geography, Management, Law), Mathematics and Financial Mathematics, Computer Science and Informatics, Natural Sciences (Biodiversity, Nature Conservation, Bioinformatics, Biopsychology), Agriculture, Nursing, Dietetics, Applied kinesiology and Tourism. 

Until today, the University of Primorska has signed several bilateral agreements with universities from all over the world. By consolidating current and creating new partnerships the University strives to develop international mobility of students, researchers, higher education teachers and staff members. The University actively participates in international networks and associations and carries out international projects. 

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In the project participates the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (UP FAMNIT)

The Faculty offers courses for all three levels of higher education and conducts research in the fields of mathematics, computer science and information technology, and in the natural sciences.

The Faculty works closely with the University of Primorska, Andrej Marušič Institute (UP IAM), where most of the academic staff of UP FAMNIT are currently conducting research activities.

The basic activities of the Faculty include education and research, while the Faculty is also the organiser and co-organiser of resounding international conferences and other scientific meetings.

The Faculty is actively involved in the international field of higher education and research, and has established a wide network of research links with reputable foreign universities. We like to emphasise that the UP FAMNIT research group is one of the four leading research groups in the field of algebraic graph theory in the world. The other three groups are located in China, Australia and South Korea. These efforts by the Faculty have helped place the University of Primorska as an internationally recognised research institution.

International cooperation and mobility of professors, students and researchers is one of the basic policies of the faculty. 12 % of our students and 10 % of professors and researchers at UP FAMNIT are from abroad

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