Bukhara Engineering - Technological Institute, BETI


Bukhara Engineering-Technological Institute was created by the Decision of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan from April, 15th, 2013 behind number of PD-1954 on the basis of Bukhara engineering technical institute of high technologies, with a view of the further perfection of education of the experts meeting modern cases of market economy, and also strengthening of personnel resource base in the field of high technologies of industrial and processing branches of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Institute has 3 faculties:

  • Chemical-technological;
  • Engineering-technical;
  • Electrical engineering and ICT in manufacture.

18 departments are engaged in preparation of highly skilled specialists in 8 fields of study of a bachelor degree and in 6 fields of study of master degree.

Total number of students is 5429, 5270 of which are bachelors and 159 are masters. Teaching staff consists of 338 teachers-professors. Due to good scientific potential of the institute, BETI provides the region with highly qualified specialists in the field of engineer-technologists.

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